Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Are you ready to take your iphone usage experience to the next level and use it like never before? You are at the right place. Get this amazing Anti-Gravity Phone Case. You can perform different activities with supreme comfort. Nano suction technology used in the case enables the mobile to stick with the surface where you have put.  For example, if you are doing makeup, you can attach it to the mirror; if you are delivering a lecture or painting a painting attach it to the board; if you are cooking, attach it to the wall or cabinet. 

Reasons Why You Would Love This

It is extremely light weight and thin. Stick with surface where you wish to. Millions of tiny suction cups provides grip to most smooth surfaces.


This Anti-Gravity Phone Case for iPhone is a stick-anywhere protective case for using your smartphone hands free!


The secret to the case's powerful holding force is our revolutionary nano-suction technology, which secures your phone tightly against almost any smooth surface.


Why buy a regular protective phone case when you can have rugged phone protection combined with zero gravity holding power?


This case is built using an ultra-tough inner shell using eco-friendly materials. Cleaning your case is easy: just wipe with a damp cloth and your nano-suction technology will reactivate.