Keep your dog safe in the car with this seat belt.

Comfortable and Safe

All pet parents want their dogs and cats to be safe. If you want your pet safe even while it’s riding in the car with you, now is your chance to do something about it. This seat belt is specifically made for dogs and can even be inserted into the slot that usually holds your seat belt. One end is attached there while the other end simply attaches to the dog’s harness. This dog leash is not too long and not too short but instead the perfect length to keep the dog both comfortable and safe the entire time that you are driving. 

Very fashionable

Made out of high-quality nylon and adjustable for a comfortable fit every time, this leash comes in different colours. The material of this dog leash is breathable and therefore comfortable all year long. It attaches directly to any type of harness or vest so you won’t have to go out and purchase a new one. This leash keeps your dog safe and even comes in enough colors for you to find a leash that matches its harness perfectly, making for a very fashionable pet indeed.  

For Dogs & Cats

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your pet safe while you’re driving, wonder no more. This seat belt leash works with dogs and even cats of all sizes and breeds and you can even adjust it so that it is the perfect length every time. Whether you keep your pet in the back seat or the front, these seat belts keep it safe and happy for your entire drive. They are high-quality items that are meant to last for many years to come and you can even buy more than one dog leash if you wish to purchase a few extra for friends and family members.