Beard Apron

Clogged toilets due to fine shaved beard hairs? Leaving a mess all around the bathroom? Can’t seem to clean up properly after shaving? Don’t worry guys, we have the ultimate solution for you, a Beard Shaving Apron is what all of you guys need. Keep your bathroom clean and tidy easily!


  • Convenient Design to make your Shaving Easier and your bathroom clean and tidy!
  • Easy to Clean, the hair will not stick to the Apron.
  • Waterproof The fabric itself is very comfortable.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 50cm x 77cm x 120cm (Upper W x Lower W x Total Length)


  • Place the apron around your neck, the sucker at the bottom of the Beard Shaving Apron is for sticking onto your mirror. This creates a tent that catches the hair.
  • After shaving, pull out the sucker and pour the hairs into the bin.

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